The last transmatıonal meeting of the project was held on 28 February 2023. Representatives from Gazi University from Turkey, ZİÇEV from Turkey, Hacettepe University from Turkey, Stichting Christeluke Hogeschool Windesheim from the Netherlands, ITA-Suomen Yliopisto from Finland, and PIKOMTEK from Turkey attended the meeting.


The final face-to-face meeting as a whole group was held in Finland. The partners from Eastern Finland University organized an excellent meeting for the last details to discuss.

Necdet Karasu from PİKOMTEK discussed the Project progress and asked partners to evaluate the overall progress from their perspective. The group’s discussion led the group to decide to continue the project writing together and extending this project to another level.  

Also, Asuman Erdem from ZIÇEV gave another presentation about effective management strategies and the importance of paperwork and account-keeping for a transparent procedure.

In addition to the transnational meeting, the University of Eastern Finland organized another activity for dissemination purposes. The project team came together with teachers from the schools in Jooensu. Necdet Karasu gave a presentation about the project and introduced the application by demonstrating. After that, a focus group discussion was held about the application. Overall, from the teachers, it is a great idea to have an application ready for easy entries about the students. According to the teachers, the app might help teachers in making effective decisions based on the data. They also raised two concerns: data security and privacy of the students. The project team ensured that a high-ranking cloud company secured the data. Therefore, cyber theft is not a concern for now, and the data is only accessible to the teachers who made the entries.


Necdet Karasu, Gazi University

Sui Lin Goei, Hogeschool Windesheim

Eija Kärnä, ITA-Suomen Yliopisto

Asuman Erdem, ZİÇEV


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